Nebraska Emergency Equipment applies the science of emergency warning to better address public safety issues. We put to use the latest in optics, sound, and electronic technologies to engineer vehicles which are effective and reliable. You can count on Nebraska Emergency Equipment for the best in signaling systems you can see, hear, and feel! 
Nebraska Emergency Equipment
Click here to add text.Nebraska Emergency Equipment installs all equipment --  bumper to bumper
A common install involves a push bumper, headlight flasher, console, light bar, partition, Speakers, plastic seats, Radar ,camera, computer, window bars, trunk tray, siren, and gun lock.

Our systems can be equipped with timers to protect the battery from running down and a power switch to disable the equipment (to protect it) if battery failure occurs.

We guarantee that all of our installations exceed the manufacturers specifications for your vehicle. When you purchase an accessory from us you'll know it will work right!

All wiring guaranteed for the life of the car!

We solder all connections, and route all wires through convoluted tubing or wire looms. All wires become a neat, integrated part of the existing wiring in your vehicle.

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